As Our Business Grows

It was right at closing time when I realized what I had been forgetting all day. I was suppose to learn how to apply for a business credit card and then set the ball in motion on that. I got everything else done today but forgot about that until this moment. I knew my boss would be very disappointed if I let him down on this task. Our company is expanding and this credit card is part of the process. I had told him I would do this and I have to get it done. I made the call. I was so relieved when a woman answered on the other end!

Insurance And Friends

I could not believe it when Steve showed up at our company doors. He has been a health insurance agent for over twelve years now and I did not know it. The fact is I have not seen him for 15 years even though we were best friends in college. When my insurance agent went on to another state we were given to Steve. I think we were both shocked. He did not know I worked at my location either. It was so great to see him. We went to lunch to discuss our insurance needs and then discussed life for three more hours. It was so good to catch up with him and see how many of the same career paths we had chosen.

A Good Diet

It did not even shock me when I found out Danny was on the HCG diet. I had been noticing his weight loss. It was obvious to all of us that see him each day. Then one afternoon he saw an old friend. He could not stop talking about how great Danny looked. He actually told him he looked younger than he did the last time they met. You could see the smile on Danny’s face from across the room. He tried to play it down but it meant a lot to him to hear that. It would mean a lot to anyone. I mean who does not want to look like they have discovered the Fountain Of Youth? I am certain he will continue his weight loss journey with his magical HCG.

Good Inspection News

As we had expected the home inspection Long Beach revealed that we have a truly sound home. He checked everything both inside and out as well as top to bottom and found everything to be in order. We were not surprised but we were relieved. That was one thing we did not have to worry about. We had to now think about where we were going and just what home we would pick. Although a month seemed like a long time in the beginning suddenly three weeks sounds very short. We had to fly out to our new location and choose a home that our entire family would love. Meanwhile we had to sell our home and pack our things. This was not going to be a fun three weeks. With small children we had to make it sound exciting even if we were truly stressed out on the inside.

HCG And England

I have been given a huge opportunity to go to England with my boss. We have business overseas and I was invited to go along with our team. It is a huge opportunity. The day I was asked I began my HCG diet. I wanted to be able to enjoy the trip without having to worry about fitting into my clothing. I had refused to buy any more clothes at larger sizes. This trip would mean I can buy new clothes but only at the size below what I am currently. This would not work so I have to lose weight to gain a wardrobe for my trip. If there was ever any more intense reasons for weight loss I have not heard of them. I can do this with this large of an incentive.

Long Beach Here We Come

We have been wanting to move to Long Beach for a long time. Our family is from Long Beach. When Glenn was transferred closer to our dream location we were so excited. We have been moved around for several years and were ready to start our family. When Glenn’s supervisor saw the opening he put Glenn’s name in the mix and we got it! We found a great home and we are having a home inspection Long Beach being done on it this week. After that we begin to move. We know the inspection will go well we just wanted to be certain we get the home we want and not a money pit of issues!

Your Children And Their Own Insurance

It is so exciting to see your children get married. When our first child was married we were so nervous. I hoped they were making the right decisions. I wanted to be certain they understood we would be their safety net should they need one. I made certain they had the best health insurance and they both had dependable cars to drive. By the time our fifth child was married we had made a list of things they should take care of and told them to call us if they need us! It is amazing how things change with time and experience!

Important Insurance

I have always felt being proactive was always better than being reactive. I married a man that thinks the exact opposite. He thinks everything will works itself out and we need not take steps to control our destiny. That makes me crazy. He is really lucky he has me to watch over him and his too relaxed way of thinking. We are now expecting a child. I thought ahead and bought health insurance so we would be covered for the baby. He did not even think about it. I did not tell him for a short period of time to see if he would ask and he did not. When I told him he thought for a moment and said that he was impressed. Perhaps he will take this as a lesson learned. Sometimes you need to plan. I could see my boss coming down the hallway and was feeling nervous. It is never a good thing when he calls you into his office. I found myself in the hot seat today.

Cutting Back the Junk

“I’m really proud of you for taking your nutrition into your own hands,
Cameron,” said Stacy. “You’ve really made a change in yourself, and you’ll
never regret it for the rest of your life.”

“Thank you, Stacy,” said Cameron. “I knew that I needed to make a change,
and the only thing stopping me was myself. I tried giving myself reasons on
why I couldn’t before. I realized now that they were only excuses.”

“You got through it, though,” said Stacy. “That’s the important thing to
keep in mind. No one can take that away from you.”

“Now that I’ve done that,” said Cameron, “I know that there is nothing else
that I can’t do.”

Taking Cambogia One Last Time

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As of right now, I’m very satisfied with my weight. I don’t feel that I
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