No matter where you live there is always an opportunity to volunteer to
help out, everything from the local schools, who always need help, to the
local shelters or food banks. Community service not only helps others
selflessly but can give you the feel good endorphins that reduce your
stress level. Many other options are available for volunteering as well. A
favorite cause such as cancer research groups, blood banks, environmental
groups and even non-profit boards or churches always love having people
step up to help out. A couple hours here or there can make a huge
difference to someone else.


A good book can take you out of reality for a little while and let you
forget life’s woes. A really good book has you turning pages as fast as you
can read. Depending on the genre of fiction you like a book can take an
hour to read or several days. It all depends on how often you pick it up.
Fantasy settings take you out of this world like science fiction can. A
mystery can occupy your mind trying to figure out who did it. A romance can
put you in a better mood. An adventure can lighten your spirit as you
follow the characters in their journey. No matter what you enjoy, read a
good book once in a while to forget your worries.

Garcinia at the gym

One day a young man was at the gym talking with his trainer about how his
weight loss was no longer progressing. While there was muscle forming the
remaining fat had not gone away yet. They talked about his diet and
additional exercises and then about supplements that suppress appetite that
could help move the process forward.

After the session the young man started looking around health websites,
health food stores and in the health foods section of the grocery stores
and stumbled upon miracle garcinia cambogia. He tried it for a few weeks
and finally the fat started to melt away.

Learn something new

Sometimes in our lives we feel stuck in a rut. One of the best ways to get
out of a rut is to learn something new. It can be a computer language, a
hand craft, woodworking, or a new recipe. No matter your interests there is
always something you can learn. If you are not interested in learning then
share your knowledge by teaching someone new about your love of the skill.
This can be accomplished in person or even online via a forum or chat.
Sometimes teaching others about your skill can become your job and you then
do what you do well and enjoy it. Learn something new and enjoy life.


Stressed and tense. Muscles are important to keep soft and loose so that
you can move around. A massage is a pleasant way to keep your body relaxed.
If your muscles get too tense they can pinch nerves which can be painful
and add to the stress you may already have going on in your life. There are
many types of massage from the classic Swedish to the Asian types to a
simple chair massage. Ten minutes every week can do wonders for you whereas
a longer massage can help longer term. It depends on how stressed you are
feeling at the time as to what type you need. Talk to a massage therapist
to determine the type that suits you best.

Garcinia in the breakroom

Two co-workers were comparing notes on their successes with diet and
exercise or lack thereof one day while on break. The breakroom has a table
with various magazines and in the typical bored fashion one co-worker is
flipping through one of the magazines when she happens on an article on
miracle garcinia cambogia and its weight loss properties. She points it out to her
co-worker and they decide it’s worth a try and go online to order some.

Weeks later they are again on break together but have decided that their
break should be used to walk around the block together on a beautiful sunny
day. They start to compare notes and realize that since starting the
supplement they have lost a lot of weight.


Plan a garden, plant a garden and watch it grow. Pots are a great place to
plant a garden. A few seeds and a little soil with a nice sunny window and
most plants will thrive easily. If you have a yard, setup a place to plant
annuals or perennials. Flowers are not only pretty and smell nice they look
great too. Some vegetables and edible plants also produce flowers and look
great along with the added benefit of being edible.

You can grow plants from seeds or you can buy starters. If you buy starters
support a local greenhouse. Their plants are usually hardier and have been
well cared for.

A drive

Feeling upset? Take a drive away from the city, away from home somewhere
that calms you. If you live on the coast find a road by the ocean. If you
live inland find a local lake or river to go stand by and just listen to
the sounds of the water and animals around you. You don’t have to go very
far usually to find a quiet spot.

If you’re a city person find a favorite coffee shop or an out of the way
diner to take in a cup of coffee and people watch. That can be as much fun
as being in nature.

Miracle cure for being shy about your weight

Seek support of a friend or family member or even a neighbor. They can
listen to your issues and offer love, support and ideas for solutions to
your problems. Having a good sounding board can help you with weight loss
as well as miracle garcinia cambogia. It will reduce how shy you might be because of your
embarrassment over your weight. Talk to people who are successful at losing
weight to find out what they did and how they kept the weight off. Many
people are empathetic and will support you in your goal to become
healthier. Work out with a friend and talk while you are doing it. The time
will go much faster.


Stressed? Try a bubble bath or just plain Epsom salts to relax your body.
The heat from the water, solitude, even a good book while in the tub can be
soothing to an overworked body. Taking time out to relax and care for
yourself is as important as taking care of everything and everyone around

Stress is bad for your heart, skin and everything else about your body. Too
much adrenaline in your system for too long will take its toll on your
mental health as well. Take time from your busy day to take a nice,
soothing, and relaxing bath!