One Of The Lost Invitations

We had been waiting on our invitation for two weeks. When ti did not come we thought we had been one of the couples that did not make the “cut”. We knew Vicki and Robert had an original list of guests that was too aggressive for their tight budget. The last we heard they had to go back through their list and then narrow it down. We knew of some people who had received their invites so when we did not we thought we were not invited. We did not like the fact we would not be witnesses to their wedding but we certainly understood. The day before the wedding we dropped by to leave our gift. We noticed they were surprised that we were leaving our gift before the wedding date but we did not address it. They were still wrapping favors so we helped them get those done. When Vicki asked me if we were not planning on coming to the wedding I was shocked. I said we did not receive an invite so we thought we were one of the casualties of a budget! She said absolutely not. Then she began to guess what happened to our invite. When we moved the table from the wall we found six wedding invitations that did not make the mail! The wedding was tomorrow! She and Paul jumped in their cars to hand deliver those invites. I knew we had to get to the dress shop so we could get something to wear to a wedding that was less than 24 hours away! I was so glad we dropped by or we would have missed it as well as the other guests that probably thought as we had.

Our Wedding Was Personalized

Andrea and I knew our wedding choices would be a lot to take in for some of our guests. Her aunt in particular. She wants to be polite and come to our wedding since we invited her but it would not be her personal choice to come. We were not certain how to handle this situation. We wanted to have our wedding the way we wanted but we did not want to offend our family. One of my wife’s aunts chose not to come because she felt it was too dark. This did truly hurt my wife because she was so close to her prior to our wedding. Since our wedding she has completely stopped all communication with us causing my wife some heartache that I can not fix. I do not understand how feelings can be turned on and off from someone like that. The aunt that did come was reluctant but once there she realized her picture of things was not accurate. We are normal people and our wedding was fairly normal as well. We had personalized napkins and table settings just as everyone else does. We just made them more custom. This wedding has shown us so much about our families.

The Secret Favors Broke The Spell

The Secret Favors Broke The Spell Just for fun my bridesmaids decided to give me a special treat before the wedding. They got together and hired a fortune teller to come to the house and give me a bit of insight into my future. I don’t think they use the term fortune teller anymore. I believe they call themselves psychics. Either way, I thought it was all in fun so I agreed. The party was a lot of fun. We all enjoyed sitting around the table and enjoying our wine and appetizers. Even the hired psychic joined in. It was a relaxing evening until suddenly she began telling a bit of history on each of us. Time after time she was hitting the target on each person. I thought it could all be a hoax until she got to me. She smiled at me and told me she knew I didn’t believe in her powers. She then told me what my choices for wedding favors were and what I was thinking about as gifts for the bridesmaids. I hadn’t told a soul about what my thoughts were. I was a believer after that.

Check Out These Napkins

Who’s laughing now? The one great moment in life where I can truly say I
made it was when I had an old school mate come up to me and ask if she
could be my Facebook friend. All those years of dread each day when I had
to attend school and become the object of demeaning ridicule was part of
what gave me the drive to achieve.

I wasn’t one of those little girls who had it all. We were raised in a
middle class family and didn’t have any extras like many of the other
school kids. I was not very pretty by any means. Always skinny and lanky
with no redeeming features to call my own. I always loved to sing and
would spend hours in my room alone on a Friday night practicing all the
latest hits with anything that could be held as a microphone. With no close
friends to call my own I pushed myself harder with what I believed to be a
hidden talent.

As I grew older I began to have a little more confidence. I was always
different so I built on my asset. I created myself into something unique
and quirky. I didn’t care if anyone else liked me, I liked myself. One
evening when I was singing karaoke at a local bar I met a guy. It wasn’t
just any guy but his father was the owner of a major record label. Before
I knew it I was making my own track. The rest is history.

We are going to be married now and I plan on having the works at our
wedding. Personalized napkins, a five tiered wedding cake, flying doves and
a live band. So let them eat cake as the old saying goes. I made it to
the top!

They Had Cake Toppers To Match Their Hobby

When Jill and Mark announced their big wedding day no one was surprised. In fact, the only surprise was the fact they waited so long. They had actually met in high school. They were both on the same golf team. They loved the game of golf so much that neither of them even thought about dating until long into college. When the idea came to them they were inseparable. It was as if they were married already. When they sent out their wedding invitations and everyone saw the location it did not surprise a single person. They married at the golf club just as everyone suspected they would. The wedding cake toppers were very beautiful as they sat upon the chocolate cakes stacked many levels thick. They were golfers of course. They were handmade golfers that looked so much like the bride and groom. Jill and Mark have them in their china cabinet today because they are so nice. No one would have known they were actually wedding cake toppers unless you were part of the event. The only surprise at this wedding was there was not a tee off set up to end the ceremony!

A TV Wedding

We have a favorite TV show that we watch each week. We can not wait to see just what they will get into from one week to the next. The climax to this show will be a very huge wedding that is over the top in wedding decorations and location. I can not imagine what the wedding invitations must look like. They addressed them in one episode but we did not get to actually see them. Since we are planning a much smaller wedding ourselves I am interested in all of the details. There is a natural curiosity to what they are doing with their wedding design. Of course we will not have 2000 people at our wedding! Still it is exciting to see just how far TV weddings go to make those weddings that are suppose to be for the very rich and famous play out. Although the show has not aired yet that will feature the wedding we are given glances into what is coming up on future episodes. It appears to not disappoint! We can not wait to see the event even though it will be far more intense than just a wedding event. Hopefully there will not be any foreign intrigue going at our wedding only a couple of in-laws that may not like the potato salad!

Light and new circuits

New built-in circuits use photons to construct quickly and very power-efficient super-computers. The speed of light is as swift as it gets, and IBM researchers are using that fact to give supercomputers a boost. They have produced the smallest-however plastic chips using light to conduct information. Most sections of the chip resemble those found on another commercial nick. The elements that process or change information–in additional words, the parts that do the actual computing–still release electrons shifting through semi-conductor gates. Nevertheless the interconnects, the traces that taxi information between diverse areas within a processor, are dramatically diverse. Rather than shuttling electrons, that may slow down significantly when the interconnects heat up, they taxi light. That is because mild is simple to feature and loses less info as it moves. The researchers expect this quick conversation will make feasible the primary exascale computers–that is, computers that may perform billion billion calculations per second, 1,000 times as quickly as today’s speediest techniques. The optical interconnects use somewhat less power, making them more affordable to operate. That’s particularly significant considering the fact that supercomputers usually use up megawatts of power during process.

A Wedding For A Lifetime

As Elsa and Kevin stood looking at the beautiful church all set up with their wedding decorations they could not help but take a look back at their journey thus far. They had literally been together since they were infants. They grew up on the same street. Their mothers often took turns baby sitting each others children allowing each other to run errands. When they became school age they were best friends until they graduated. At that time Kevin joined the military and Elsa went off to college. Elsa had gotten a great job when she graduated so she decided to live out of state. They had lost contact with each other several years before. Then one afternoon fate took a turn with their lives and brought them back together and face to face. They both happened to be at a local Home and Garden show when Kevin opened a door and on the other side stood Elsa. They were both shocked. They went for coffee and found that Kevin was living only one mile from Elsa. They had been together since that day. They knew it was meant to be that they met again that day.Their relationship had changed from friendship and both realized it as they spoke over coffee. They were a partnership, a team and a couple. After all of those years or perhaps because of those years they now realized what had been in front of them all along. This story was going to be one of those happy ever after stories and they could not wait to get started. As they stood hand in hand looking at their wedding decorations they knew tomorrow was going to be something really special.

Wedding Sparkles

Everything was unusually sparkly. Everything about the hall implied that a
wedding was going to happen, or perhaps it had already happened. I couldn’t be
sure. All I had wanted to do was engage in my routine religious activities
this morning.

Looking over at one of the tables near the entrance, I noticed a large
group of packages. Each one of them had someone’s name on them. These
must be the wedding favors.

Assuming that the wedding favors had not been given out yet, it was logical
to reason that the wedding had not yet occurred. Perhaps it would be later

The white colors of the decorations unnerved me. I’m not used to seeing my
church in this state. It seems too extravagant. It was like the ultimate
sign of boastfulness. I prefer to live a humble existence in my life.

Normally, the church matched my views of humility. It was just a plain
church with wooden benches and a simple alter at the front. This recent
decoration job filled me with a sense of conflict. On one hand, I could feel
happy for the couple getting married. On the other hand, I couldn’t help
but feel a sense of defilement to my sacred place.

A Nervous Wedding Walk

You are so nervous. You have planned this day since you were a young girl playing with your dolls. Now it is your turn to walk down the aisle. You do not know why you are so nervous. Your father is there to guide you and your groom is at the end of the long journey to take your hand. There is no room to make a mistake and yet you still feel your heart beating so hard. You have gone over and over this moment. You know what to say and what to do and yet you are shaking visibly. You hope no one will notice your panic. When you hear the music you begin your walk. Just as you enter the doorway your father is moved to tears at your beauty. He knows his little girl has grown up and will be no longer his little girl. You feel his heart beat now also as you both make a nervous walk down the aisle. Suddenly your eyes meet your partner’s and everything seems to quieten down. You focus only on his admiring eyes as he also sees you for the first time in your wedding gown. You barely notice the church filled to capacity with your friends and family that is there to show you their love. You get through the ceremony perfectly. It was filled with special moments as is the reception and toast. As you gift your guests with their wedding favors you realize just how fortunate you are to have so many people that care. You hug each one as you pass out the wedding favors.