Older Homes And Plumbing

It seemed like buying an older home was a good idea. We found a beautiful home that had perfect curb appeal. We were shocked we were able to get this home and no one had beat us to it. Then we find we will have to replace all of the power in and to the home. We will also have to call a plumber Andover MA to come in and replace all of the pipes as they have been sitting and they need replacing to avoid leaks and damage. I suppose these are the down size to buying a really old home.

Roofers Changing Curb Appeal

We had changed the color of the paint we used on our home many times through the years. When our roof needed replacing we thought about changing our roof color as well. We had that same color since we bought the home and now it might be time to change it up. The roofers North Andover MA had samples of colors I could choose from. After a lot of back and forth we did lighten the color which made our home look so much larger. We now have more paint options as well. We can not wait to paint.

Break Ins And A Locksmith

After a rash of break-ins in our neighborhood we decided we should change the locks on our doors. We had lost our keys so many times and replaced them. Our kids have lost their keys many times as well. Because of this issue we would leave our back door open all of the time. I had not even carried a key in three years for certain. With my children getting home before us we thought it best if we try the key thing one more time. We called a locksmith Boston to come to our home and change out all of the locks so we could get in with one key no matter our door choice. I have to admit I feel much better knowing we are locked up as we leave.

My Hero Lives In Boston

I never thought I would be living with my parents while I went to school. I had imagined a life of a husband and children by this point in my life. Little did I know what life had in store for me. My first marriage was a loveless marriage that fell apart. We stayed in it too long. That left me scrambling to put my life back on track. I discovered it would be a smarter decision to go back to school. I have always wanted to be a nurse and now I was determined. When I found out my dad was looking at Boston real estate to buy for me to have a home of my own I was touched. He knew it bothered me to live with them so he was looking at homes nearby in case I needed a shoulder. He is my hero.

Hitting Hard

We had really hit the bottom hard as the water was not deep as our tiny raft went over an unexpected waterfall. Not one piece of our gear fell out of our raft. We did manage to grab a fellow passenger as we pulled ourselves to shore. It appears a snake found himself in the same situation we did. He fell right into our bag which helped to break his fall. We carefully set the bag on the ground and he gladly went on his way. The witnesses said they saw him coming over the falls with us and land in our bag. If not for their seeing him we would have brought him with us. I think he and us had enough fun for that day.

Looking Up In Boston

As I stood on the street and looked up at the Boston luxury condos I knew we would be able to find our ideal condo. I also knew that it was right in front of us. This building has a full service approach to the more elegant lifestyle that we are ready to live. We have recently sold our home with the palatial landscaping in an effort to downsize our home care. We want to live in a more convenient way. The idea behind our new lifestyle is being able to travel when ever we wish to. If we have a desire to take a trip all we have to do is lock the front door. No worries on making certain everything is cared for as we are absent.

Yard Work

Fall is the time for cleaning up. Just like in the spring it is important
to take all the summer yard tools and items indoors so storms over the
winter do not ruin or blow things away in high winds. It is also the time
of year to consider one more round with the lawn mower and weed whacker to
mulch the yard and protect year round plants that can’t be moved indoors.
Additional mulch can be used to protect special plants like fruit trees or
other plants you really love and are not truly able to survive the winter


Work can be fun but it can also be stressful. When you walk in the door
each morning you sort of expect the tools you use all the time to work. You
rarely expect errors in a freshly booted computer or network cables that
just give out. Yet, this week alone both happened. Thankfully there are
plenty of other projects to do and it is only a matter of working on one of
those projects. The same happens when a power outage or a server goes down
and there is nothing anyone can do about it. When a power outage happens
usually the cleaning supplies come out and places that no one has time to
clean get cleaned up. The common fridges, tops of file cabinets and even
computers get moved around and there is a lot of chatting. It is actually
one of the most fun times for work.

The Bridesmaid and Pure Garcinia

Helen was asked to be Katrina’s bridesmaid but she felt she was too plump
because the rest of the bridal party was model thin. Helen talked to the
other ladies of the bridal party and decided to try their recommendation of
pure garcinia cambogia to help her lose the weight. She had a few months to
work on and decided that eating healthier, drinking more water and
walking daily would also help. The other ladies and the bride all joined
her. Soon it was time for dress fittings and Helen dreaded it even though
she had lost quite a bit of weight. The fittings went well and each of the
ladies came out in their dresses. Everyone was delighted at Helen’s dress
as it fit elegantly. Her self esteem at the attention went up and she
started to really enjoy the idea of being a bridesmaid. She looked
beautiful and finally she knew it.


Telecommuting would be a dream job for me. No more early bedtimes or early
alarms. No need for two large mugs of coffee unless I chose to drink that
much. I can’t say no more professional clothing as I’d still likely dress
up but no more co-workers constantly disrupting workflow. More things could
get done each day. I could schedule my day instead of playing it by ear
each morning with a long list of “I want to accomplishes”. I could build a
list of things to do and just do them. I’ve done it before and really want
to do it again. The best part would be getting two hours of time back in my
day to spend time with the family.